Based in Copenhagen, APERIE is a design brand with a conscience, dedicated to creating unique expressions by fusing style with
       ethics. From office supplies to the soft blankets keeping us warm in the winter, APERIE guarantees high quality products made from
       exclusive natural materials such as leather, wood, organic cotton and fine alpaca wool.

       The world is our inspiration. We are a global company, but our line of products is rooted in the renowned Scandinavian design traditions
       we have inherited, emphasizing functionality and minimalism as key elements.

       While our products are proudly designed in the North, they are ultimately inspired and made by the whole world: our production is
       located in developing countries, and by choosing APERIE you are ensured a product made from exclusive natural materials, carefully
       crafted by our skilled suppliers. 
       We believe that true style comes from knowing the origins of the things we surround ourselves with. We embrace knowledge and
       encourage others to do the same. This sense of mission runs through everything we do: from maintaining environmentally high
       standards and a strong social focus in our production, to the high quality materials we use.



APERIE is a company concerned with sustainability and ethics: our suppliers are based in developing countries, and apart from
being our main source of inspiration, they are also our main concern. This echoes in our ambition to create jobs and ensure fair
payment to alleviate poverty. Our main focus is to create awareness by educating our suppliers on the issues they encounter,
making them strong and knowledgeable ambassadors of best practice solutions.


The materials we work with have been chosen for their unique qualities and timeless expressions. That’s why our leather
commodities will be life companions to the people who treat and care for them properly, using the guidelines that are attached
to each product.The hollow structure of the alpaca hair, which allows the air enclosed in the hair to expand and contract, ensures
a comfortable balance in temperature at all times, and is therefore a perfect fit for our climate. The alpaca is also unique in that it
requires a minimum of cleaning: resistant to dirt and smell, the wool is a timeless and high quality material that will keep you
warm season after season without wearing out. This goes for our cotton products as well, which are both highly wearable and
washable, making these products exclusive yet very low maintenance.


APERIE’s production is based on environmentally gentle and international best practice techniques. We emphasize both the use
of natural dyes, natural tanning techniques, as well as a responsible use of water. Worldwide, chemical techniques such as
chrome tanning have been disastrous for the environment and local water supplies. APERIE focuses on the use of vegetable
oil tanning for our leathers, and on pure, unblended organic and eco-friendly materials for our cotton and alpaca products.




       APERIE aspires to create better living conditions for the people involved in every aspect of our production, catalyzing self-empowerment 

       by helping them to generate their own income. We work in developing countries marked by considerable poverty, and at the core of our
       brand lies a wish to engage directly with local suppliers without the use of middlemen, aiming to secure maximum value retention and
       direct payment for their expertise.

       With this effort, we aim to expand and develop local trade and resources, positioning new suppliers as valuable sources of exclusive
       natural materials on the global market.

        All APERIE products are made from locally sourced, natural materials. We base our production on environmentally gentle techniques,
       emphasizing the use of natural dyes and tanning techniques as key components of a sustainable philosophy.

       We take our global responsibility seriously, and APERIE’s mission is clear: we wish to develop into a leading sustainable company with
       international endeavours, offering high quality products with a conscience.



Josephine Senger



APERIE was founded in 2012 by Josephine Senger and Laust Christian Poulsen. Having travelled extensively, the two bonded
over a mutual interest in colourful cultures and new perspectives, channeling this global angle into their work with APERIE.

Apart from their travels, Josephine and Laust share a vision of creating timeless and functional commodities made from natural
materials. Together, the two have created a company that sets high social and environmental standards, maintaining a CSR-driven 
angle on their work with modern day design.

Today APERIE is run by Josephine. With her open mind and spirit, APERIE is growing to be a success on the
international market for interior and design.

The brand originates from a desire to blend the characteristics of Scandinavian design heritage with the global inspiration that
accumulates after years of traveling.

From Mozambique and Nicaragua, to the current involvement in Bolivia, wanderlust has brought the founders of APERIE to far
corners of the world, discovering the extensive knowledge and strong crafting traditions that form in local communities around 
the globe.
Welcome to APERIE!