Our Clio baby blanket is knitted in 100% soft alpaca wool to keep the newest addition to the family warm and safe. The style is kept down to the basics inspired by Scandinavian design traditions. 

Product details:

Composition: 100% Alpaca
Size: 80 X 100 CM


Dry clean or Hand-wash

Wool regenerates itself by being aired and therefore does not be washed frequently.
If necessary, wash the wool gently by hand with water at approximately 30º. - If you rub too much, you can start the wool felting process.
Gently squeeze excess water out before you place the garment on a dry towel reshape its form (do not hang to dry). Let it dry away from sunlight and direct heat.
If the garment is wrinkled after drying, you can steam it lightly with an iron, or simply hang it up in the bathroom, run the shower, and let the steam ease away the creases.

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